Hi there and thanks for popping in to check out some of my pictures. 
I would rather be hiding behind my camera and documenting life then writing about myself, but here goes..

Having now been a full time professional photographer for coming on twenty years I've managed to amass quite a collection of images over the years. Every picture taken holds a story that will live on for generations to come.

I was born in Finland and migrated to Australia with my parents when thirteen months old. I met a Finnish girl at my local church in Brisbane and we've been married now for over twenty-one years. What can I say, as the years roll on the more my love for Iris grows. Yeah I know, a bit soppy but true! Iris and I have been blessed with four boys.

As a multi-award winning member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography you can be assured I am an experienced, technically capable professional practitioner.

I trust you will enjoy scrolling through some of the pics.